New Years in Aspen, CO

We spent a lovely New Years in Aspen CO, with Toby and Amber (a lab terrier mix and an orange tabby) at a housesit between the Roaring Fork River and the Rio Grande Trail near Aspen. With days spent snowshoeing and Toby showing us around the neighborhood, it’s easy to see why people retreat here year-round.

The 360 view from the condo is like watching the Wonderful World of Disney for the first time in color….vivid colors, unique scenery, and colorful characters…yea it’s like that here.

Strolling through downtown Aspen is like browsing at a fur factory; full length fur coats and furry lined hats are all the rage or more like the norm. We weren’t wearing fur, but Eric’s Carhartt jacket did turn a few heads, as did my striped knee socks.

Still turning heads,

Eric and Lori