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Aspen, CO

We were invited back to Aspen from a previous Housesit earlier this winter and gladly accepted the invitation. Spring in Aspen is revealing as the snow begins to melt the mountains come alive with color that is best described as “rich and intense”.

But what really strikes us as “rich”, is the way Coloradans love the outdoors and take every opportunity to enjoy it, regardless of weather conditions. They respect nature’s energy! We watched as this fly fisherwoman caught a beautiful rainbow trout as she stood in the spring thaw’s rushing waters…she squealed with excitement, then she gave the fish a ceremonial kiss and released it back into Roaring Fork Creek. A defining moment for all who witnessed.

“It’s Nature’s way of receiving you…”

Eric and Lori


Frozen Dead Guy Days, Nederland CO

We love Colorado’s spirit for the unusual, and this one takes the cake. The celebrated frozen dead guy is Grandpa Bredo Morstoel who died in 1989 in Norway and his body was shipped to a cryonics facility in CA, packed in liquid nitrogen and later ended up in a shed on ice in Nederland CO. This story comes with tales of immigration, local government, a dream job, and the grandfather clause that allows Grandpa Morstoel to stay in the ‘Tuff Shed’ out back packed in ice. Read the full story at The intrigue and adventure will keep you smiling and optimistic about Grandpas future!

Tried a Chicken Rosemary Brat at the Suburban Wiener food truck. Yummy!

Just chillin’,

Eric and Lori


The Wild West Winter Games

Wild West Winter Sports!The Crystal Carnival of Leadville, CO introduced us to Ski Joring, a Scandinavian tradition that has found its way to the American West, slightly modified. With horses pulling skiers down a snow packed Main Street in Leadville, this tradition began in 1949 as a way to entertain the restless and snowbound residents of the Crystal Carnival.

The Leadville Ski Joring event provides a thrilling fast paced course of ski jumps and jostling rings. Riders must make their way through the course with the best time and spear the most rings. It’s fast, intense, and entertaining. I “pity the fool” that steps into the street when the horses and skiers fly by.

Loving small town traditions,
Eric and Lori
The Humbleweeds

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