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Llama Love!

By happenstance and, we find ourselves deep in the Colorado Rockies on a small ranch that includes a beautiful Adobe house, five llamas, a dog, and a cat. The geography is somewhere between a rock a hard place; with the igneous Needle Rock on one side and a luscious north face of South Saddle Peak on the other.
Like a framed work of art, the farm blends a contrast of nature with the harmony of a homestead to create a sublime masterpiece. The winsome charm of the valley is alluring and mysterious.

Llamas…yes, fascinating llamas. A stalwart creature, llamas are extremely intelligent and social. Eric and I are of short stature and these animals tower over us, so at first a little intimidating, until we got to know them. They’ve taking a real liking to farmer Eric 😉

What a difference a day makes in the Wild West…temperatures in the 50s one day and 8 inches of snow the next day!

Next stop, Silverthorne CO, for our next Housesit in ski country!

Llama love,

Eric and Lori



The American South West. 

Painted in shades of red, orange, purple, and pink, on a natural canvas of earth, the southwest landscape is what we describe as an interactive oil painting. This work of art includes includes ancient cliff dwellings, out of this world meteorites, colorful petrified forests, and miles and miles of towering saguaro cactus. After a hike in the McDowell Park in Phoenix, we certainly can learn to appreciate the weather here. Arizona temperatures didn’t disappoint, a dry 75 degrees felt great in the middle of February!

Happiness is warm weather!

Eric and Lori


Eric meets Santa at Tiny House Workshop!

Leading the movement of “less is more”, Tumbleweed Tiny House Company is revolutionizing affordable homeownership. Specializing in homes under 200 square feet, Tumbleweed advocates the minimalist lifestyle. They offer homes turnkey or build it yourself kits.

Eric attended a weekend Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop in Colorado Springs, CO. He walked away with a new appreciation and optimism for living small. The workshop, designed for the novice, provided recommendations and direction on how to get started exploring the tiny home concept. Definitely gives us something to think about moving forward. A tiny house delivers big benefits.

Even Santa finds the idea of a tiny house appealing!

Less is more,

Eric and Lori


Tea For Two!

While stationed at a housesit in NOBO (North Boulder), we discovered the Celestial Seasoning Tea Headquarters tucked away on Sleepy Time Lane. Yes, we are avid coffee drinkers, but there is always time to discover the worlds most consumed libation-tea!

As part of the tour of the facility, we learned there is one master tea taster, Charlie, that physically sip tests every batch of tea for consistency. Charlie has been sipping tea for over 40 years. As part of the Q&A, I asked, “what happens when Charlie takes a day off, is there a backup taster”?…answer- “Charlie rarely takes a day off”. Wow, lots of pressure on Charlie! Following the tour, we went to the ‘tea’ tasting room to sip on old favorites and new brews.

Celestial Seasonings was founded in 1969 group of young entrepreneurs in a barn in Boulder Colorado. Together they shared their collective knowledge of the health benefits of herbs and were determined to find success and they did….serving 1.6 billion cups of tea per year worldwide. The facility in Boulder is the only Celestial Seasonings plant and serves the worldwide customer from its beloved beautiful location, facing the Rocky Mountain Foothills.

Celestial Seasonings got it right! Do what you love and love what you do!

Eric and Lori


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