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A celebration of our son!

Today our son Nixon turns 22! We can’t stop smiling! We are proud of his adventurous spirit and the man he’s become. He moved to Colorado last summer seeking a new start…and he certainly found it; a new city, a new job, and an amazing support system of friends!

As an added treat, Just this week Nixon was recognized as “Employee of the Month” at his job with The Growing Kitchen in Boulder, Colorado. We are proud of his commitment and strong work ethic in a new industry he is so boldly and passionately pursuing. The Growing Kitchen is a strong advocate of the worldwide cannabis movement developing products to support the well being of those seeking natural organic alternatives. The first ingredient listed on all their products; LOVE!

So today, we celebrate our greatest achievement; Nixon Taylor Malcolm, a young man with an old soul. : )

Nixon’s proud parents,

Eric and Lori

The Humbleweeds

Georgia on my mind…

We had the pleasure to visit our dear friends Todd and Brenda Thomas on Lake Sinclair in central Georgia. We enjoyed a relaxing weekend with colorful conversation, delicious food and delightful stories told by Peggy Thomas (Todd’s mother).

Our Georgia timing was perfect, the wild lilac were in full bloom, it was worth rolling the window down for a floral whiff…“ooh ooh that smell”.

Peace, love, and lilacs,

Eric and Lori

The Humbleweeds

What the uke? Uke gotta be kidding me!


It happened. We were the victims of a smash and grab. While traveling through Amarillo TX we spent the night at a Baymont Inn and Suites. In the morning, we were greeted at our car by the hotel maintenance guy and a shattered back glass of our beloved Subaru. We made an assessment of the contents of the car to discover the only thing missing…our ukuleles! Our hearts dropped, the “ukes” have been part of our journey since the beginning and hold great sentimental value. Funny, the police officer and hotel clerk both asked, what’s a ukulele?… Really. Luckily, as a ‘best traveler practice’ we remove all valuables from the car at night, and on this night we left the ukeleles in the car.

Within two calls, Eric saved the day. First call, the The most sincere customer service we’ve had in months. The staff found a replacement rear window and could install within the hour. Wow! They recommended we have breakfast at a local place called Ye Olde Pancake Station while they installed the new glass. It was one of those tasty places with small town charm where everyone knows your name. The second call was to who processed our claim within minutes. By the time we returned to the shop after breakfast, Progressive sent payment and all was right with the Malcolm Universe again.

Although our ukuleles are gone, the people we encountered today enriched our lives forever.

Missing the music,

Eric and Lori

The Humbleweeds

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