Aspen Day Trippin’

Aspen has a reputation for high-end everything. But you can enjoy the city on foot and see it all for free! First, check out the Aspen Art Museum, located on Hyman Ave. the museum is big into contemporary art displays, and is a complimentary experience, thanks to Amy and John Phelan. The artists interpretations are sophisticated and complicated.. but yet so simple and obvious from the visual prospective. Refreshingly, the staff was helpful, patient, and enthusiastic with our questions about the exhibits. The building itself is a weave of sorts, creating interesting lines and views from the inside and out.

Next, find the John Denver Sanctuary. Another hidden gem among the hustle and bustle of downtown Aspen. Along the river path, boulders are etched with lyrics from his songs, positioned just right to see the mountains or the river as you read. John Denver was a fan of Aspen and advocate for the area. He is still respected by his fans and the local community of Aspen.

Aspen is certainly a cultural hub! But do it in two hours or less, or your parking privilege expires!
Country roads take me home,

Eric and Lori