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We wish to thank others for giving.

To all those who do unselfish random acts of kindness; thank you.

To all those who defend our freedom;
thank you.

To all those who choose to do the right and honorable thing everyday;
thank you.

To those who share their skills/services to better serve the community;
thank you.

To those who can see the positive attributes in everyone they encounter;
thank you.

To those who share a smile and a say hello to a complete stranger;
thank you.

To those who acknowledge a complete stranger’s hello;
thank you.

To those who respect the hopes and dreams of others, even if they seem odd or indifferent;
thank you.

To those young at heart who remind us to keep playing;
thank you.

And lastly, to the parents who teach their children tolerance and compassion; thank you.

Who will you thank today? Happy Thanksgiving.

The Malcolm’s
Eric and Lori

#thanks for giving

Chicks Gone Wild in Key West!

Leaving the mainland, we headed to mile marker “0” in Key West. Upon arrival we came upon a “chicken crossing the road…”
According to the locals, there are free-roaming “Gypsy” chickens that have been in Key West for over 175 years. Brought here by the early inhabitants of the island thought to be from the Bahamas and Cuba, the colorful birds can be seen and heard everywhere.

There are heated debates among residents over the free roaming chickens and their affects on the locals, tourists, and ecosystem. However, the Key West Wildlife Center aids in the rescue of these birds when necessary.

Good news! The gypsy chickens can be adopted and rescued from streets, however, If you adopt you must sign an agreement stating that the birds are for pets, not meat. Adopted chickens come with a signed letter from the City Mayor attesting to their authentic breeding as “Key West Gypsy Chickens.” These birds can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. for a fee of approximately $3 per chick, $10 per hen, or $25 per rooster. To own a little piece of Key West, contact “Sally” via email:

Maybe add a Key West Chicken to your holiday gift giving list… you know, for the person who has everything!

Cockle doodle do,

Eric and Lori

#key west

The Everglades National Park, Florida

The largest subtropical wilderness in the United States, the Everglades National Park spans across 1.5 million acres. There are endless grassy marshes, dense mangroves, towering palms, an occasional massive mahogany tree, alligators, birds, and flocks of vultures. Yes, vultures… and they are on the endangered species list…and visitors are asked to protect and cover their cars with blue tarps, to keep the vultures from pulling at the black seal around the windshield and windows of cars in the parking lots of the park. One of the strangest things we’ve ever seen, so far…
See ya later alligator,

Eric and Lori

#everglades national park


The Village People

No, it’s not the group from the 70’s, but it’s an amazing place with amazing people in central Florida.

We finished our house sit in Port Charlotte Florida and the homeowners offered us a few days of discovery in The Villages at their Villa, in central Florida. If I had to describe it in one sentence: it’s like Disneyland for mature adults and you get to live there!

Being curious, we went to the sales office to learn more about this place that seemed too good to be true. We stepped back ‘somewhere in time’, to a replica of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, every detail was deliberate and delightful. It’s like that everywhere we went. The attitude and lifestyle encapsulated in this exclusive 40 square mile utopia for mature adults is best described as “off the hook!”

We attended a Halloween block party in the Villages and had a blast and even met several folks with ties to Garrett County. What a small world!

Housesitting Rocks!

Eric and Lori

The Humbleweeds


#the villages

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