Christmas in Colorado

Snow made its way into our holiday plans and the chill and snow finally caught up to us. A fresh blanket of snow covered Boulder on Christmas Day, a beautiful site to behold.

While visiting our son, Nixon, we decided to prepare a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings at Nixon’s apartment. And a memorable meal it was….using the resources available at the bachelor pad, Eric worked his magic and prepared a roasted turkey breast in an iron skillet, mashed potatoes made up in a mason jar and fresh brussels spouts sautéed in a cake pan, and egg noodles made in “normal” sauce pan….it was delicious, comforting, and simple.

We gathered around our Charlie Brown Christmas tree (we brought along a pine branch from West Virginia) and shared a very simple, very sweet Christmas. Nixon treated us to a night out on Pearl Street at the Bohemian Biergarten Sunday Night Comedy Show. There were four great acts that kept us laughing. Thanks Nixon!

All in all a great holiday, considering this was the first holiday away from the old country and extended family in over 50 years.

Aspen bound for New Years,

Eric and Lori