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Kansas City’s Blue October

Kansas City….We had the privledge of visiting Kansas City during Blue October, the KC Royals run for the pennant. The city was alive and connected with excitement of their beloved hometown team. We connected with friends in a suburb of KC on Lake Tapowingo. We were treated to a weekend of all things KC. We began with the Boulevard Brewery tour in Kansas City. Not only did we get tasty beer samples, but we were throughly entertained and educated by our tour guide Adam with a mix of humor and hops.

Then there’s the food…Porky’s BBQ is a foodie treasure trove. The place is only open Friday-Sunday from lunch time until the meat is are all gone, which is usually only a few hours. The food is extraordinary and the concept simple, do what you do best and specialize in it!
Further in the city, there’s The Flea. A quirky historic flea market turned restaurant, provides a glimpse into the past of old downtown KC. Boasting their award winning chicken panini, The folks at The Flea were fun and engaging. The restaurant still saves room for a few flea market bargains, so shopping is part of the experience.

We love the spirit of Kansas City and their championship attitude! Thanks Mark and Jacque for sharing your great city with us.

Heading west,
The Humbleweeds
Eric and Lori

Fargo, Just North of Normal

There may be other reasons to go to Fargo ND, but for us there is only one reason to go…to see the infamous wood chipper used in the Coen brothers cult classic film, Fargo. The welcome center hosts two wood-chippers, a replica outside and the original movie prop is inside. The friendly folks at the Welcome Center will provide you with additional movie props for fun photo opportunities. “The Woodchipper “has its own Facebook page and website. Just south of Fargo is town called Normal. Of course, we had to see what Normal looks like…simplicity at its core.

The Humbleweeds
Eric and Lori

Minnesota Folks Sure Are Friendly!

Minnesota folks are so nice! We had the most delightful time in Minneapolis, don’t ya know. We had dinner at a local Culvers, a local fast food chain. We ordered burgers, fries and cokes and found our way to a table. In the corner of the dining room was a gathering of musicians (all senior citizens) delivering a classical bluegrass gospel sound that was merry and bright. I think we may have stumbled upon a senior’s local hang out…but we were welcomed just the same, don’t ya know.

Nice matters!

The Humbleweeds
Eric and Lori

VOM FASS – A Tasting Experience!

VOM FASS- a worldwide tasting room.
A extraordinary tasting room of gourmet items and epicures like no other we’ve ever encountered. From the moment you walk in, you are greeted by the knowledgable and friendly staff. Shoppers are teamed up with a staffer for a very personal tasting experience. With choices of oils, vinegars, spirits & liqueurs, absinthe, grappa, cognac, brandy, and whiskey, whew…where to begin? We spent a good hour tasting and sipping things foreign to our taste buds and reveled in our new discoveries. A few unusual items included: coffee infused olive oil, fig chili balsamic vinegar, lavender liqueur, and an interesting presentation with absinthe. We procured a bottle of Ginger Sesame Oil to cook up something special when we return home.

VOM FASS is German for “from the cask” and have 200 locations around the world, with 21 locations in the U.S. If you should encounter one, indulge yourself in something special.

A tasty life,
Eric and Lori
The Humbleweeds

Hemingway’s Havana Country Club, The Villages, FL

“It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey, that matters, in the end. ” Ernest Hemingway

Inspired by Papa Hemingway, and it’s not Key West, but The Villages in Florida. Hemingway’s, at the Havana Country Club is a place of fine food and incredible libations. In a quest to find the perfect “Bloody Mary” in a place where alcoholic beverages run rampant, our search is over. Thanks to an incredible staff of bartenders, but one in particular stands out among the rest…Whitney. From the moment we met her she was engaging, intellectual, and most importantly…kind. With an affinity for art, culture, and history, she exhibits a spirit for mixology that entertains and captivates her guests.

In a place with 60 restaurants to chose from, Hemingway’s keeps us coming back with an incredible menu and staff. We’ve found the “MacDaddy” of Bloody Mary’s along with our new favorite appetizer, Lavash!

I think Ernest Hemingway said it best….“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.”

Among the Village People,
Eric and Lori
The Humbleweeds

Among the muggles at Universal Studios…

We had the pleasure of a day at the park…with a splendid tour guide, Frederik, that made the day even more unique. We met Frederik and his family through trustedhousesitters, while we care for their home and pets in central Florida.

Universal Studios embraces a multi- generational crowd. In the spirit of adventure, we encountered a crazed Mummy, participated in a Disaster film, and became lost in the world of wizards at Diagon Alley…all before lunch.

Lunch was its own theme park. We dined at a hipster place called Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar located in the Universal City Walk. Yes, we finally tried real sushi and lived to tell about it. The menu was a fusion of “cow meets fish”…which lends itself to very interesting pairings. We loved it.

After lunch, we attended the “Horror Makeup Show”, where attendees can witness the torture of other park guests invited to the stage; quite entertaining, especially when it’s not you on stage. Eric and Frederik braved the Rip Ride Rocket, a high tech, quiet coaster with music playlist choices during the 17 story drop with a non-inverting loop over Universal Studios. Roller coasters have evolved way beyond the days of the wooden coaster.

For all the Harry Potter fans…Diagon Alley is like stepping into the book, but surrounded by droves of muggles. The attention to the smallest detail was incredible. We did catch glimpses of young wizards casting spells with wands purchased at Ollivanders Wand Shop. Unfortunately, I didn’t choose a wand, because a wand didn’t choose me. Maybe next time. Time flies at Diagon Alley, just ask the fire breathing dragon atop Gringotts Bank that expels fire like clockwork.

Universally entertained,

Eric and Lori

The Humbleweeds


The Dali Museum, St. Petersburg FL

Weird is alive and apparently doing very well…on the gulf coast of Florida.

Odd is the best way to describe Spanish Surrealist, Salvador Dali (1904-1989), and that’s putting it mildly. The Dali Museum takes you inside the madness and genius of this famed artist. His unusual art, inspired by his own dreams, reveals his own inner strengths, weaknesses and strange family secrets. His eccentric lifestyle and attitude are ever present in his work, so was his self-proclaimed madness.

There is a special exhibition at the museum called, Dali & da Vinci: Minds, Machines, and Masterpieces, showing the shared ambitions of the two artists through inventions, math, motion, and religion…just to name a few. Fascinating perspectives!

A recommended stop when heading to St. Pete’s Beach in Florida.

Embracing weird,

Eric and Lori


Our Disney Day- Kissimmee, Florida

We are housesitting in Kissimmee, FL, just an exit away from the happiest place on earth…Disney World.

We reconnected with an old friend James, who treated us to a “Disney Day” at Epcot. A splendid day indeed! There is just something about the nostalgic magic of a Disney park that seems to put everyone in a good mood.

Our goal for the day was to dine at Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria at the Italy Pavilion of Epcot, which came highly recommended. We made our way around the world to Italy and were welcomed by many smiling faces at Via Napoli. The atmosphere and food were authentic Italian- right down to the wood fired pizza ovens that took on the faces and personality of Italy’s three active volcanos: Mount Etna, Mount Vesuvius, and Stromboli. The food was an experience for the senses and more than just a meal. Between four of us, we delighted our appetites with Calamari Fritti, Prosciutto Melone and Margherita wood fired pizza and much more. James, a staff member of the restaurant, arranged to end the meal with a candle lit pastry and a joyful celebration of song performed by the entire staff in my honor. It certainly felt like a warm welcome home from a beautiful Italian family. I felt loved and energized. And if that wasn’t enough, we indulged in a decedent tiramisu and creamy chocolate gelato-it was the meal we didn’t want to end…

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering about Epcot taking in treats from around the world. James, an obvious familiar face in the park, had a beautiful way of making other Park Staff ‘light up’ in his presence; his smile was contagious to those who recognized him. It was refreshing to be surrounded by so much positive energy, which made our Disney Day even more spectacular. We also had the pleasure of meeting Judy, a new friend and native Floridian. It’s a treat to meet a local, in any state, because they’ve seen the evolution of the area and can share great tales of day past.

“It’s a small world after all,”

Eric and Lori

The Humbleweeds

Aspen, CO

We were invited back to Aspen from a previous Housesit earlier this winter and gladly accepted the invitation. Spring in Aspen is revealing as the snow begins to melt the mountains come alive with color that is best described as “rich and intense”.

But what really strikes us as “rich”, is the way Coloradans love the outdoors and take every opportunity to enjoy it, regardless of weather conditions. They respect nature’s energy! We watched as this fly fisherwoman caught a beautiful rainbow trout as she stood in the spring thaw’s rushing waters…she squealed with excitement, then she gave the fish a ceremonial kiss and released it back into Roaring Fork Creek. A defining moment for all who witnessed.

“It’s Nature’s way of receiving you…”

Eric and Lori


Frozen Dead Guy Days, Nederland CO

We love Colorado’s spirit for the unusual, and this one takes the cake. The celebrated frozen dead guy is Grandpa Bredo Morstoel who died in 1989 in Norway and his body was shipped to a cryonics facility in CA, packed in liquid nitrogen and later ended up in a shed on ice in Nederland CO. This story comes with tales of immigration, local government, a dream job, and the grandfather clause that allows Grandpa Morstoel to stay in the ‘Tuff Shed’ out back packed in ice. Read the full story at The intrigue and adventure will keep you smiling and optimistic about Grandpas future!

Tried a Chicken Rosemary Brat at the Suburban Wiener food truck. Yummy!

Just chillin’,

Eric and Lori


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