Take Me Home Country Roads!

“Take me home country roads…”
Nothing like autumn in the rolling hills of WV. We’ve spent a few months visiting family in a tiny little town called Elk Garden, population 221. This tiny community is filled with big hearts. Rural and rustic, everyone in town knows everyone else in town. The local corner store, attracts the morning customers with a fifty cent cup of coffee. This hidden gem is a general store that offers everything from cheese to tractor parts. There are no franchises or big box stores. Traffic slow downs consist of a herd of deer gingerly crossing the road or the occasional farm tractor heading to town. The locals take great pride in a dark night sky, clean air, safe streets, and home grown food.

We witnessed first hand how this small community builds strong values. A local man, his son and nephew spent an entire day repairing the road to my recently widowed mother-in-laws home. Family after family brought food and drink to help offset the recent tragedy of losing our family patriarch. These acts of kindness are common here. The outpouring of love and support seems to be a an innate quality common in the genes of the generations of families who called this small town home.

While millions flock to cities and urban areas for the perceived necessities of life, the rural communities slow things down to a crawl and remind us to simply love one another and the earthly gifts bestowed upon us.

Humbled and blessed,
Eric and Lori
The Humbleweeds