Wisconsin’s Cheesey

Wisconsin is cheesy…literally. Leaving the Appalachian foothills in the rear view mirror, we made our way west to witness the Wisconsin autumn leaves and they did not disappoint. The state is also synonymous with cheese, cheese, and more cheese, oh, and don’t forget beer! From the countless cheese shops and breweries throughout the state, cheese and beer are the key ingredients to a good time in Wisconsin. We stopped at Market Square Cheese in Wisconsin Dells and met a true cheese expert who gave use his undivided attention. He discussed cheese processes, protocol, and tasting and then proceeded to fill us with cheese. We left the cheese shop with the two key ingredients for a Wisconsin good time, cheese and beer.
The Wisconsin drinking culture was an eye opener. With a strong German influence, beer is big business and part of the states rich history of alcohol consumption. To our surprise, young people under age 21 may possess and consume alcohol beverages if they are with their parents, guardians or spouses of legal drinking age; of course, at the discretion of the licensee. A bit of a shock coming from the east where underage drinking is a major taboo.

The Humbleweeds
Eric and Lori