VOM FASS – A Tasting Experience!

VOM FASS- a worldwide tasting room.
A extraordinary tasting room of gourmet items and epicures like no other we’ve ever encountered. From the moment you walk in, you are greeted by the knowledgable and friendly staff. Shoppers are teamed up with a staffer for a very personal tasting experience. With choices of oils, vinegars, spirits & liqueurs, absinthe, grappa, cognac, brandy, and whiskey, whew…where to begin? We spent a good hour tasting and sipping things foreign to our taste buds and reveled in our new discoveries. A few unusual items included: coffee infused olive oil, fig chili balsamic vinegar, lavender liqueur, and an interesting presentation with absinthe. We procured a bottle of Ginger Sesame Oil to cook up something special when we return home.

VOM FASS is German for “from the cask” and have 200 locations around the world, with 21 locations in the U.S. If you should encounter one, indulge yourself in something special.

A tasty life,
Eric and Lori
The Humbleweeds