Batty about Austin TX

We spent the day in wandering about downtown Austin on foot; quite the walk friendly city. Known for more than just music, Austin’s (Ann Richards) Congress Avenue Bridge acts as the guardian to the largest urban bat colony in North America. Up to one million bats fly at dusk between April – October. We didn’t see any bats but we did admire the bridge from the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge which crosses the Colorado River.

Being sheltered from urban choices for so long, we are thrilled when we make a new discovery of the “grocer kind”. We discovered Whole Foods! Yes, we were like children in a toy store, and yes, we wanted everything! Needless to say, the shopping experience at Whole Foods was delicious and delightful.

As we stood at the corner of 6th and Bowie looking lost, we were approached by a Austin local -good samaritan (whole foods employee) asking if we needed directions. She graciously gave us tips on food, music, and recreation in the area. She was the perfect ambassador for Austin.

We left Austin heading north to Amarillo with a scheduled stop at the Cadillac Ranch. (Thanks for the recommendation Roadtrippers) Located along Route 40, the Cadillac Ranch is an interactive roadside art exhibit of ten early model Cadillac’s buried nose down in the dirt. This project originated in 1974 by three members of the art group Ant Farm. Visitors are encouraged to express themselves through spray paint on the historical layers of art.

Artistically heading west,

Eric and Lori Malcolm