Santa Fe, NM

Northern New Mexico offers a stunning landscape that has served as a muse to artists for centuries. Artisans of every medium flock here as the city and surrounding communities embrace the artistic spirit and encourage creativity. 

We traveled to the Pesos National Historic Park, just south of Santa Fe. The park offered a great self-guided tour of the cultural crossroads of Pueblo Indians, Spanish conquerors and missionaries, and Mexican and Anglo armies traveling the Santa Fe trail. While walking this historic soil, one can’t help but imagine the life of the early Native American, who also embraced artistic expression. This historic monument had Kivas, a vented underground room used for ceremonies and social space. The park allows visitors to enter a kiva, just as our predecessors did. The round room was filled with centuries of spiritually charged energy that channels to all those who enter.

It’s easy to see why so many flock to northern New Mexico for inspiration. The mountains of Santa Fe are absolutely breathtaking filled with mystery, history, and aesthetics beyond imagination.

Feeling like Lewis and Clark,

Eric and Lori