Our Disney Day- Kissimmee, Florida

We are housesitting in Kissimmee, FL, just an exit away from the happiest place on earth…Disney World.

We reconnected with an old friend James, who treated us to a “Disney Day” at Epcot. A splendid day indeed! There is just something about the nostalgic magic of a Disney park that seems to put everyone in a good mood.

Our goal for the day was to dine at Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria at the Italy Pavilion of Epcot, which came highly recommended. We made our way around the world to Italy and were welcomed by many smiling faces at Via Napoli. The atmosphere and food were authentic Italian- right down to the wood fired pizza ovens that took on the faces and personality of Italy’s three active volcanos: Mount Etna, Mount Vesuvius, and Stromboli. The food was an experience for the senses and more than just a meal. Between four of us, we delighted our appetites with Calamari Fritti, Prosciutto Melone and Margherita wood fired pizza and much more. James, a staff member of the restaurant, arranged to end the meal with a candle lit pastry and a joyful celebration of song performed by the entire staff in my honor. It certainly felt like a warm welcome home from a beautiful Italian family. I felt loved and energized. And if that wasn’t enough, we indulged in a decedent tiramisu and creamy chocolate gelato-it was the meal we didn’t want to end…

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering about Epcot taking in treats from around the world. James, an obvious familiar face in the park, had a beautiful way of making other Park Staff ‘light up’ in his presence; his smile was contagious to those who recognized him. It was refreshing to be surrounded by so much positive energy, which made our Disney Day even more spectacular. We also had the pleasure of meeting Judy, a new friend and native Floridian. It’s a treat to meet a local, in any state, because they’ve seen the evolution of the area and can share great tales of day past.

“It’s a small world after all,”

Eric and Lori

The Humbleweeds