Llama Love!

By happenstance and trustedhousesitters.com, we find ourselves deep in the Colorado Rockies on a small ranch that includes a beautiful Adobe house, five llamas, a dog, and a cat. The geography is somewhere between a rock a hard place; with the igneous Needle Rock on one side and a luscious north face of South Saddle Peak on the other.
Like a framed work of art, the farm blends a contrast of nature with the harmony of a homestead to create a sublime masterpiece. The winsome charm of the valley is alluring and mysterious.

Llamas…yes, fascinating llamas. A stalwart creature, llamas are extremely intelligent and social. Eric and I are of short stature and these animals tower over us, so at first a little intimidating, until we got to know them. They’ve taking a real liking to farmer Eric 😉

What a difference a day makes in the Wild West…temperatures in the 50s one day and 8 inches of snow the next day!

Next stop, Silverthorne CO, for our next Housesit in ski country!

Llama love,

Eric and Lori