Port Aransas, TX and Padre Island, TX

First time we’ve seen camping on the beach…and I mean right on the beach. There were tents and campers setup just out of the tides reach. Also, we drove 10 miles down the beach to the next access Rd on Mustang Island, at times it was almost like driving in the snow back in the old country…the sand was treacherous at 70 degrees along the sunny waters of the Gulf.
As part of the National Seashore, Padre Island is 60 miles of drivable primitive beach. I was surprised to read that I was not allowed to use a metal detector on the beach but I could carry a firearm, go figure. Sadly to say, the beach was somewhat littered with trash…but more specifically, latex balloons…if anyone out there is planning to release balloons, for any reason, please reconsider; the impact on nature is brutal.

Living on the edge,

Eric and Lori