Chicks Gone Wild in Key West!

Leaving the mainland, we headed to mile marker “0” in Key West. Upon arrival we came upon a “chicken crossing the road…”
According to the locals, there are free-roaming “Gypsy” chickens that have been in Key West for over 175 years. Brought here by the early inhabitants of the island thought to be from the Bahamas and Cuba, the colorful birds can be seen and heard everywhere.

There are heated debates among residents over the free roaming chickens and their affects on the locals, tourists, and ecosystem. However, the Key West Wildlife Center aids in the rescue of these birds when necessary.

Good news! The gypsy chickens can be adopted and rescued from streets, however, If you adopt you must sign an agreement stating that the birds are for pets, not meat. Adopted chickens come with a signed letter from the City Mayor attesting to their authentic breeding as “Key West Gypsy Chickens.” These birds can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. for a fee of approximately $3 per chick, $10 per hen, or $25 per rooster. To own a little piece of Key West, contact “Sally” via email:

Maybe add a Key West Chicken to your holiday gift giving list… you know, for the person who has everything!

Cockle doodle do,

Eric and Lori

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