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The Village People

No, it’s not the group from the 70’s, but it’s an amazing place with amazing people in central Florida.

We finished our house sit in Port Charlotte Florida and the homeowners offered us a few days of discovery in The Villages at their Villa, in central Florida. If I had to describe it in one sentence: it’s like Disneyland for mature adults and you get to live there!

Being curious, we went to the sales office to learn more about this place that seemed too good to be true. We stepped back ‘somewhere in time’, to a replica of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, every detail was deliberate and delightful. It’s like that everywhere we went. The attitude and lifestyle encapsulated in this exclusive 40 square mile utopia for mature adults is best described as “off the hook!”

We attended a Halloween block party in the Villages and had a blast and even met several folks with ties to Garrett County. What a small world!

Housesitting Rocks!

Eric and Lori

The Humbleweeds


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