Beer vs Wine

Whether your choice of libation be wine or beer, the fermentation process has a way of bringing good folks together.

We attended a Wine and Beer Festival in Port Charlotte FL at Live Oaks Park along the waterfront. While seeking shade to drink our beer samplers, we met Betty and Ken Johnson, fellow shade seekers, sipping on oatmeal stout. Ironically, Betty and Ken are wine drinkers and decided to try the craft beer. We are so glad they did. Starting with one beer together we ended up being the last group to leave the festival. What great fun with inspiring and delightful conversation in a beautiful setting.

The festival spotlighted Fat Point Brewery of Punta Gorda, FL, who makes a tasty oatmeal stout. We don’t remember the wineries that were there, but that could be because we traded all our wine tasting tickets for beer:)

Life is good when the beer is cold.

Eric and Lori