Glacier National Park – OMG!

Glacier National Park
Phenomenally magnificent! We have never seen anything like it. The road through the park is called Road To The Sun , and deserving of the name. The terrain is dramatic, to say the least. The water is so clear you can see every stone in the rivers, displaying pastels of green, pink, red, and turquoise. The lakes are bluer than blue. The wildflowers flood the hillsides with vivid orange, yellow, pink, and purples. The actual glaciers are amazing to see as they have a distinct glow ; many confuse snow fields for glaciers. One peak in the park offers a fun fact of interest, the Triple Divide, with an elevation of 8,018 ft. The water coming off the peak flows into three directions contributing to the Pacific through the Columbia river, to the Mississippi River then to the Gulf of Mexico, and to the Hudson Bay into the Arctic oceans; all from one peak. The road through the park, at times, is down right scary. You are on the side of an 8,000 ft summit with no guard rail at some spots…it’s exilerating. The national parks are crazy busy this time of year, so traffic was heavy at 8:00 am in the park, while the fog was still lifting. Weather conditions changed every few minutes, (kind of reminded us of Garrett County ). Temps never got above 62 in the park. Brrrr. But it didn’t matter, we were too busy being amazed. Time flies at Glacier. Before you know it hours have passed and you are only have way through the park. It’s defiantly a multi day trip. You see something new everyday.


We ended the day in a town called Hungry Horse at the Huckleberry Patch, known for their huckleberry pie. We had a slice a la mode. It was sooooo delicious. Huckleberries are abundant here and you can find everything with huckleberry as an ingredient from pancakes, cookies, lotions, soaps, and even beef jerky…and many more creative approaches to the huckleberry. The huckleberry is to Montana as the blueberry is to Maine. We meant to take a photo of our beautiful pie, but devoured it before we even gave it a thought. Did I mention it was delicious?

We were approached by a woman at our campsite asking to photograph our Maryland license plate (we have become celebrities of sorts). She was from Canada and her goal was to photograph license plates from all 50 US states. Newer Maryland license plates reference the War of 1812, the Canadian photographer asked us what it was all about…. Do you know Maryland’s role in the war of 1812?

National Park groupies,

Eric and Lori
The HumbleWeeds