Big sky in Montana

We finished up our northwest expedition with a final walk in Seattle through the Sculpture Park. We finished the day at
Ivars Fish Market with fish and chips. Be careful if you sit outside, the seagulls may snatch part of your lunch. From the distance you could see Mt. Rainer peeking through the clouds.

We headed east in Washington state and saw fresh evidence of forest fires and one still smoldering on the hillside. But firefighters were close by monitoring the situation.

The next town we came upon was Leavenworth – a town of Bavarian influence on the border of the plush Washington landscape and the vast arid dessert to its east. This quaint town had the support of every business (including the local Safeway) and citizens alike to bring to life a village of flowers, murals, and pageantry. Once we came upon this town temps starts to rise. Before we knew it they were topping 100 degrees.

At our next gas stop, close to Marion Montana, we met Evie, a gal from MD who now lives in Montana. Evie noticed my Deep Creek Lake sweatshirt and we start chatting about things back east. She made us feel welcome in Montana and treated us to a cup of coffee. Let’s just say, she made a great first impression for Montana…

We set up base camp for a few days at the KOA in West Glacier. Camping here is like being at home. We have laundry, a store, a restaurant, a heated pool, and the best thing of all…..WiFi! Yes, we plan to rough it here for a few days.

Had dinner at a local place in Whitefish, MT called Piggyback BBQ. We tried their Jalapeño poppers filled with huckberry creme cheese. OMG! Huckleberries are abundant here and “in season”. I have a feeling we are going to eat a lot more huckleberries before we leave.

As we retired for the evening we could hear thunder miles away in the valley. Our camp is located at the foothills of the Glacier National Park, so at our elevation we could see the lighting coming out of the clouds …which lit up our red tent like a stop light. The echo of the thunder went on forever. We’ve never heard anything like it.

Tomorrow we head to Glacier National Park. Can’t wait.

Oh yea, a bird pooped on my (Lori ) head in Seattle.

Eric and Lori
The humbleweeds.