“Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy…”

Day 10
We headed into Nebraska; with tales of the Oregon Trail and the original Pony Express Station. Nebraska was not at all what I expected; it is a mixed bag of high plains, rolling hills, and the ebbs and flows of the La Platte River and channels; which provide a stunning landscape.

During the long drive, one place that stood out was the Sapp Brothers Travel Center, in Ogallala, NE. We saw a sign along the highway boasting how wonderful and clean the Sapp Brothers travel centers were; of course we are optimistic and hoped for the best. It was one of the cleanest and most inviting convenience stores/ gas stations I’ve ever encountered. When given a choice, we’ll certainly choose the Sapp Brothers over their competitors. http://www.sappbrostruckstops.com

We made our way into Colorado from the northeast corner, a nice drive in the country down Route 6 South through several small towns with heavy a focus on farming, rancher style. Our destination for today is Boulder, CO, where we will be staying with our son Nixon. While waiting for him to get off work, we took a drive to Nederland, CO. It was an extraordinary drive through the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. We ended up at the perfect establishment, the “Very Nice” Brewing Company https://www.verynicebrewing.com . Enjoying a ‘Very Nice’pale Ale, and the ‘Logical Fallacy’ stout, a ‘nice’ way to wind down from a long day of travel.

We made our way back to Boulder and we noticed a man walking down the street on his cell phone. Continuing his phone conversation and acting without a second thought, we observed him picking up an empty soda can someone left on the sidewalk and placing it in a trash receptacle up the street. The man had no idea anyone saw his unselfish act of respect for his city. Cool. How many people do you know that would take the time to pick up someone else’s trash? We found it oddly refreshing.

Met up with Nixon….at his awesome place in Boulder. He is hosting us for a few days as we pass thru on our way to the Pacific Coast. Looking forward to it!

Momma bear reunites with her cub,

Lori and Eric Malcolm
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