Mid-West View

Day 9
A day on the road –
As we head to the mid-west the mountains certainly disappear and road becomes straight and hypnotic. An occasional pull off or rest area provides relief and sometimes free wifi. We encountered interesting cloud formations in Indiana that were leading us into a severe thunderstorm situation. The rain started pounding the windshield. Thank goodness for phone weather apps, we were able to see the path of the storm and we were heading straight for it. I suggested to Eric we pull over for a bit. He said, “I think we’ll be fine.” With a little more convincing he pulled over at the next rest area and we watched the storm roll past. He later commented he was glad we pulled over and we should respect the forces of nature.
The ‘I’ states, Indiana , Illinois and Iowa have been flat, flourishing, and farmish as far as the eye can see. The fields of corn and soy beans along the highways are mature and healthy. The mid-west is a long stretch of highway, just saying.

Respect the corn,
Eric and Lori
The Humberweeds