Cats! The Garden Musical!

Day 8
We leave today to head west, but we are leaving something of great value behind, our 3 cats; Sage, Meadow, and Matter. They will be living with the other Malcolm’s (my in-laws) in the country, where they will receive plenty of love and attention. Each of our cats are as unique as their names.

Sage, our orange tabby, was the first of the trio to make his way into our lives. He was a rescued kitten from a local community, Kitzmiller who ended up at our local animal shelter. My son and I were looking for a kitten to fill the void of my deceased cat Ribbon (a Lynx Point Siamese) who lived to be 20! I told the animal shelter if they came across Siamese to give me a call. Two weeks later I got a call, the shelter and they had a Lilac Point Siamese, with papers, at the shelter. Needless to say, I was there the same day to bring home another cat. We were always a one cat family, but that soon changed. Meadow, the Siamese, was skinny and scared. It took her days to acclimate herself to her new surroundings, but at the same time Sage was a bit jealous that another cat was invading his sanctuary. He soon adjusted to his roommate. Meadow is very verbal and seems to be the spokescat for the group. Her meow, sounds like she is saying, “NOW.” She will carry on a conversation and will respond with a “NOW” to each comment made. Meadow and I are best pals.

Several years later, we returned home from a summer vacation and could hear a kitten meowing in our garage. My first thought one of our cats ended up outside, but Eric discovered a tiny gray and white kitten behind our garage. The mother or siblings were no where to be found. We took this little bundle of gray matter in the house, gave him some milk and food. I looked at Eric and said, “what should we do?” His reply, “we should give him a name.” His name ended up being Matter, because it didn’t matter, he was now part of our family. Now each of the Malcolm’s had a cat to cuddle.So, each cat has a story in how they found their way into our lives. These three misfits have given us more than just companionship, they provide unconditional love…and it feels good.

As part of our journey, we plan to house and pet sit for folks traveling or on holiday. This will give us an opportunity to share our laps and love with pets while we travel. As pet owners, it is comforting to know that your pets are being loved and cared for by compassionate caregivers.

Thank you Tom, Marilyn, and Chris for making our cats feel at home in “the Garden.”

Purrrfectly content,
Eric and Lori