Smile! You’ll live longer.

Day 7 Sunday

We make it a point to be kind, friendly, and positive…always. As part of our daily fitness we walk or bike but wherever we go we make it a point to acknowledge others along the trail with a nod of the head or a simple hello. It’s interesting the reactions we get from our gesture. Most times we are ignored, or as we say, we must be invisible. What make others turn away when a friendly face says hi? Someone once told me, if you see someone without a smile give them yours…and I do.

We are happy people, because we choose to be. My husband smiles all the time, because he’s happy. He was once scolded by his employer for smiling too much, and was told to “wipe that smile off your face because they don’t like that here”…but he kept smiling and I’m glad he did. Everyone has a choice to be positive or negative in your approach to life; we chose the positive path. Even when life hands us a challenge or a curve ball, we try are best to stay positive…always. Statistics show that people who approach life with a positive attitude live longer lives, according to a report from the Telegraph, those with the widest grins lived an average of 79.9 years – a full seven more years than their glum colleagues.

Be nice and keep smiling,
Eric and Lori