Cultural Enrichment in Las Vegas

neonmuseaumYes, it’s true! You can have a culturally enriching experience in Las Vegas. It was a sign, a neon sign that convinced us.  Las Vegas is known for its bright lights and glitz. Without it, Las Vegas is just another dry desert town.  Well the folks at the Neon Museum in Las Vega have a real class act. They’ve taken on the responsibility to tell the real story of Las Vegas by way of iconic lighting fixtures and the signs of days gone by. The museum docent was amazing and obviously had a passion for her job and the Vegas story.  The tour took us through the “Boneyard”, the largest outdoor collection of vintage signs.

The museum lobby and visitors center is housed inside the former La Concha Motel  (moved from its original location) designed by architect Paul Williams in 1961 to create a futuristic feel to the Vegas Blvd. The motel closed its doors in 2003 as the landscape of the desert city was evolving.  In 2006, the structure was moved to the Neon Sign Museum and restored to its former glory as the visitors center of the museum.  A must see during your next  visit to Las Vegas.

Kudos to the Neon Museum for sharing tales of light that may have otherwise faded into the dust.

We’ve seen the light!
The Humbleweeds