Coffee Cupping with The Village People in Florida

There is more than sweltering temperatures in Florida, there is hot coffee! Held at the Eisenhower recreation center, and sponsored by the local Starbucks in Lake Sumpter, this coffee tasting was informative, fun, and delicious.

The Starbucks coffee masters presented two arabica coffees, a blonde and a dark roast. First, we examined the coffee beans to see the difference in color and smell between a light roast vs a dark roast. Using a French Press, our coffee masters brewed the blonde blend giving attendees a sampling with a pairing of a fruit cobbler. We were instructed to slurp, swish, and sip our coffee sample, keeping core coffee characteristics in mind: aroma, body, acidity, and flavor. Then we tried the pairing of cobbler with the next sip. Wow, what an awakening to the taste buds…the buttery oats and fruit was evident. We used the same method with the dark roast paired with chocolate and caramel…mmmm, chocolate never tasted so good.

The Starbucks staff did a fabulous job schooling us on the topic of great coffee!

The Humbleweeds

Eric and Lori