Our marriage is simple.

Our marriage is simple. We stay in love by spending time together.

Eric and I celebrated our 25th wedding this entire month. In honor of our commitment to the longevity of love, we spent time enjoying Florida’s best beaches…together.

1. Topping the list, Sanibel Island, a barrier island that works like a shelf, collecting seashells from the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. As the shells make their way to shore, you hear a sound similar to a wind chime as they waves carry new shells to a beach already covered in shells. We quickly learned the Sanibel Stoop, eyes to the ground, slightly bent at the waist, looking for the perfect shell…and we found them…together.

2. Next stop, sunset on Siesta Key beach , an island off the coast of Sarasota County. Every Sunday the beach welcomes the sounds of percussionists young and old with a weekly drum circle to celebrate the sunset. Siesta beach is 99% quartz and is the consistency of powder. The sand is millions of years old and said to have originated somewhere in the Appalachians, flowing through the mountains and rivers and finally depositing on the shores of Siesta Key. We enjoyed a tropical sunset…together.

3. Last stop for the celebration, Cabbage Key. Located in the Pine Island Sound, is the historic Cabbage Key Restaurant, built atop an ancient Indian shell mound ( they had me at ancient Indian shell mound). There are no cars on the island and you can only get there by boat. The interior of the restaurant is covered in $1 bills taped to the walls and ceiling, left by visiting patrons. As the humidity pulls an occasional dollar or two to the floor, the money is donated to AMI Kids of Fort Myers. How cool is that! We taped our $ bill to the wall… together…all in the name of love.

To another 25+ years together. 
Eric and Lori