Boo the Subaru, a car’s tale from the road.

Our journey has taken us from one coast to another and back again, all thanks to our reliable transportation…our Subaru Forrester! During our excursions, our paprika red (orange) Subaru (lovingly referred to as Boo) has served as a storage unit, refrigerator, kitchen, bedroom, storm shelter, and even a laundry room. Boo has carried us to national parks, national monuments, state parks, beaches, and a few off road trails…all in the spirit of our open road freedom. With well over 8,000 miles behind us since the end of July, we owe it all to our dependable Subaru. It only seemed fair to give Boo a little TLC while we took a breather in Grand Junction, Colorado. We contacted the local Subaru dealer, Grand Junction Subaru and set up an appointment for the basic “spa treatment” for a car…oil change, tire rotation, new air filter, and a brake check. We arrived early the next day at Grand Junction Subaru only to have our expectations exceeded on many levels. We were greeted by Zack Gaurmer, Service Advisor, and his staff, with enthusiasm and sincerity. We left Boo with Zack. Once outside we also met salesman Dave, who made us feel at home immediately. We checked out a few new Subarus with Dave but decided we have a good thing with our Boo.

We took a walk around town exploring what Grand Junction had to offer while we waited. Within the hour, we got a call from Zack telling us the car was ready. He went over everything they addressed, including an open recall we were not aware of yet. They even gave Boo a bath! The General Sales Manager, Shawn Harrison, a fellow Marylander from Kent Island, made it a point to meet Eric and I before we left the dealership. He had a great approach to selling cars, for them it’s more about creating a positive relationship from the first hello. And they demonstrated that with us and we were only there for service. We highly recommend Grand Junction Subaru if anyone out there finds themselves in CO in need of service or a new Subaru! Thanks again to all the nice folks at Grand Junction Subaru!

Subaru Love,
Eric and Lori
The HumbleWeeds