Chasing the sun. Again.

Leaving Montana
A cold soaking rain followed us through Montana. As one Montana local put it,“it snows pretty much January-December here. ” Sorry to my fellow Garett Countians out in Montana (Pat and Deb); we didn’t make it to Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site at Deer Lodge, Montana….but I did LIKE you on Facebook. We learned Montana is serious about invasive species being brought into state. Water vessels are subject to check points at state parks and rest stops for invasive species hopping a ride on a boat or jet ski. We respect Montana for protecting their pristine water ways.

We skirted the rain as long as we could and decided to follow the sun which led us back to Utah to discover other National Parks on our list.

The Grand Canyon – the North Rim
Well we chased the sun all the way to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. First time for both of us. Not at all what we expected. For a Saturday morning, there was little traffic as we drove through the towering ponderosa pines, the bright white aspens, and the tragic evidence of past wild fires to the North Rim, a side to the Grand Canyon many never see. Wildflowers line the road side as you meander thru a a beautiful forest to the massive Grand Canyon. We even saw a road runner cross the road; but no coyote chasing it. 😉 We took the foot path to the canyon rim, which was freakishly unsettling. The sheer magnitude of this view makes one weak in the knees. A spectacular site to behold at least once in your life.

Zion National Park
Best described as a smooth, spiraling, tunneled drive through naturally patterned and painted rocks. Eric spotted a Big Horn Sheep on the hillside making his way down to the creek and about that time two female sheep crossed in front of us to join a group of about seven enjoying and evening drink at a creek just below the road. Zion National Park is full of contrasting colors of red, orange, taupe, and green. A stunning site of geological wonderment.

Dixie National Forest
Alive with a plethora of interesting attractions, one in particular is the black lava rocks. It looked like truck loads of black rocks were just dumped in the forest. Apparently, it’s young lava, only about 1,000 years; in the grand scheme of things that is considered a recent event. Hope we are not around for the next eruption.

Base Camp
We are camping at a KOA for a few days just outside of Bryce Canyon. Roughing it with WiFi, but no cell service. LOL, We have the most spectacular site, surrounded entirely by towering plateaus of vivid colors. As darkness fell, the stars filled the sky and the Milky Way was so vivid just above our tent it gave me goose bumps. It was an OMG moment.

Tomorrow Bryce Canyon!

Eric and Lori
The HumbleWeeds