Sleepless in Seattle…

…because they drink coffee all day long!

Coffee in the northwest!
Speaking of coffee, we’ve drank so much coffee I can’t even remember the last time we drank a soda. Coffee is the mecca of the pacific northwest and there are adorable small stand-alone coffee shops everywhere you look- with clever names like: Mojo Coffee, Logic in a Cup, Coffee Gone Wild, the Human Bean, Sips Ahoy, just to name a few. I love the creativity that goes into each shop. The baristas provide exceptional customer service consistently. Many add a plus one to their service; a chocolate covered coffee bean on top of your cup or at some shops the baristas serve coffee in bikinis.

Seattle Rain Festival
The last few trips to Seattle we were fortunate to be there for sunny skies and we wondered what all the fuss was about with rain. We found out today. Unprepared with inappropriate rain gear, we made the 20 minute hike to the ferry in the rain. We hopped the ferry (no fee going to Seattle for walk-ons) to explore the city that made coffee cool. We spent the day hiking about Seattle’s waterfront. The rain did eventually stop and it dried out nicely.

We hiked our way up the hill to Pikes Market and enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Pikes Place Market Grill. Our lunch included fresh BBQ Salmon and Grilled Tuna…yum. We finagled our way out of Pikes Market into the famed Alley of the chewing gum wall. The best way to describe it, disgustingly beautiful. We did not contribute to the wall, but Lori did photograph it.

We ended the evening with a ride on the waterfront Sky Wheel overlooking the city skyline and Puget Sound. It was a breathtaking site. First ride on a ferris wheel in a very long time. It was fun!

Seattle Sea Hawk Fans #12
It was a busy day in Seattle, with the 2014 Super Bowl Winning Seattle Sea Hawks first pre-season game, there was a sea of blue and green everywhere. As we boarded our ferry back to Bainbridge Island, we noticed an influx of Sea Hawk fans on their way to the game. As our ferry left the dock we noticed another ferry on its way to the Seattle dock, but being escorted by boat with armed police. After watching the local news, It seems the ferry was overloaded by 500 people (Sea Hawk fans on their way to the game) coming from Bremerton to Seattle, and the Captain ordered it to be returned to the dock. When the Captain asked for 500 volunteers to unload from the vessel, there were not enough volunteers. At which time, police were forced to remove passengers from the vessel to comply with the safety regulations for number of passengers allowed for passage. The other passengers/ Sea Hawk fans had to take a ferry about 90 minutes later. Yes, there were some angry and agitated fans arriving late at the docks but they can find comfort now knowing their beloved Sea Hawks won big at their pre-season game. Safety first, we always say…sea hawk fans may see it differently.

Living the coffee life,
Eric and Lori
The HumbleWeeds