Chasing the sun.

And other Oddities along the way.

Dinosaur Sightings
As we left Colorado on Route 40 towards Dinosaur, CO we were excited about the upcoming towns along the way. As we approached the town of Dinosaur it seemed somewhat extinct, pun intended. There were abandoned buildings and one gas station. It reminded me of the Disney movie “Cars” where the super highways moved in leaving small communities without the flow of traffic that once supported their livelihood. Made me a little sad.

The Bates Motel
We spent a night in Ontario, Idaho and as we left town we saw the Bates Motel. No, we didn’t stay there but found it oddly funny, especially if you are a fan of old classic movies like Psycho.

Deja Vu.
As we drove towards the west coast we hit another time change. We got to relive 10:00 am all over again. It was like a scene from Ground Hogs Day.

Don’t pump your gas!
Once you get to Oregon , gas stations have attendants to pump your gas for you and occasional you’ll get your window washed too.

Whale Watching
Depoe Bay, OR, the home of the whale watching on the Emerald Coast. In the summer about 60 whales reside off the coast. We saw two whales water spouts in the bay as the played along side a small boat. That made the trip worth it!

Tsunami Warning!
Driving up the west coat on the 101 is a beautiful ride along the Pacific Ocean. There are evacuation routes for Tsunamis and public service announcements on the radio about how to prepare for the upcoming event, like they have a date and time already selected for the ensuing quake. So it the spirit of adventure, we decided to camp in the Tsunami Zone at Devils Lake, an Oregon State Park, in Lincoln City along the Pacific. We did find a tsunami gathering zone in the event we are here during the big one. Better safe than sorry.

Tsunami ready!
Eric and Lori
The Humbleweeds

Photos to follow when wifi available