Happenstance Meetings Along the Way!

Boulder, CO
During a bike ride in Boulder CO I was approached by a lady walking the Boulder Creek Trail, who noticed my DCL (Deep Creek Lake) sticker on my bike. Ms. Epstein has a house at Deep Creek Lake, MD. Originally from Rockville, MD she moved to Boulder and is in the process of selling their vacation home at DCL. The world is small. It was fun to meet someone from “back east” and who vacationed just steps away from where I worked.

Craig, CO
We had the pleasure of connecting with an old friend, Crystal Creegan (and her brother Fred too) while passing through Craig. She hosted us for two nights under the open skies of north west Colorado. During our two day visit, we had the pleasure of making several new friends.

First, our host Kermit Galloway, and his “Lay Back Ranch” provided comfortable accommodations at his home just a few miles from the Yampa River and Hot Springs. We also had the pleasure of meeting Heath and Kat from Peabody Mines, coworkers of Kermit’s.

Bakers Peak, Colorado
During our visit, Kermit introduced us to a fascinating retired couple, Jim and Judy Hughes (native Nebraskan’s) and their beautiful rescue dog, Annie. Traveling almost 2 hours across the rugged Colorado landscape, we climbed to an elevation of 8,200 ft on Bakers Peak. Jim and Judy have been coming to Bakers Peak for over 30 years to their delightful log cabin perched on the peak, which takes 45 minutes to reach from the main road. Living on solar power and common sense, Jim and Judy are the epitome of combining class, simplicity, and sophistication to create a paradise in a wild and unpredictable environment. We aspire to find a place that makes us as happy as the Hughes are at Baker’s Peak. As Jim and Judy shared tales of the mountain, one we found oddly entertaining; on top of Bakers Peak, at an elevation of over 9,000 ft. a local resident, Smokey Keiser, installed an outhouse made entirely of clear glass on top of the peak. Now that would be moving!

But back east in Oakland MD….
The most important person(s) in our journey we have not yet met: Cash Jennings and Carley Grace, our future great niece and nephew who are scheduled to arrive in late November or early December 2014. The proud parents Cody and Holly Hardesty are preparing for the arrival of their twins; yep, everything times two! We can’t wait to meet the next generation.

Until we meet again.
Eric and Lori
The Humbleweeds