Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Rocky Mountain National Park

The Malcolm family loaded up the car and picnic basket and headed north to Estes Park to the entrance to The Rocky Mountain National Park. We had a detour on the way that took us from the main Route 34 to an alternative Route 7, also known as the Peak to Peak Scenic Highway, which proved to be a scenic ride through the elevation increases. This route also revealed areas that were affected by recent local flooding.
Starting our day in Boulder at an elevation of 5,437’ then climbing to Estes Park at an elevation of 7,220 and once we entered the park elevation ranges went from 8,000 feet in the wet grassy valleys to 14,259 feet at the top of Longs Peak; now that’s high!

We took a different route leaving the park and discovered yet another breathtaking drive through the massive mountains on route 34 south to Granby, then to Route 40 east thru Fraser, Winter Park and Empire then to Golden, CO, home of Coors Brewing.

Back to Boulder, just in time for dinner at the Twisted Pine Brewing Company located at 3201 Walnut St, Boulder, CO. . A comforting meal of fresh ingredients with a nice selection of craft beers and live entertainment by some guy named Eric, (apologies to Eric for not catching his last name) who once sang back up for John Denver. Twisted Pine also created a term for their servers, Zymerista, a term that combines zymurgy -the applied chemistry dealing with fermentation and other processes as in beer brewing, and barista – the Italian word for bartender. I have to say, our Zymerista was very knowledgable and made fabulous recommendations. We love finding a hidden gem that exceeds expectations, this place did.

Also, Eric and I were schooled on a few slang terms we’ve heard but were unsure of their intended uses, remember we were born in the 60’s. One that we’ve heard used in Boulder is “Trill”- to keep it true and real. Eg: “See you later, keep it trill bro.” The other urban dictionary words were too obscene for our blog intensions. ; ). But we did laugh when we heard several folks in Boulder use the slang term from the 80’s- “Word” as a greeting. We look forward to tomorrow so we can continue to learn, grow, and discover…everything.

Keeping it “trill”,

Eric and Lori
The HumbleWeeds