Laundry Matters

Day 6 Saturday

After coming home from a week at the beach it’s time to separate the sand from the laundry. It has been about 30 + years since I’ve done a weeks load of laundry at a laundry mat. Today we broke that trend and learned the 3 lessons seasoned travelers already know:
1. Keep a stash of quarters for laundry day.
2. Laundry mats are super busy on Saturdays.
3. Sort your laundry before you get to the laundry mat; we provided the onlookers today with an entertaining show of ‘pass the panties’ as we sorted.

Luckily, in a small town like Oakland, MD you can leave your laundry on the wash cycle and run other errands without fear of someone stealing your stuff. The laundry mat is a clothes basket of unsorted sorted people, but all have the same goal for the next shared hour.

Now that we’ve laundered our load, We need to rethink our packing and clothing to travel for the next few months. I suggested we pack similar colors so we have less laundry to sort, but Eric is not willing to wear pink everyday. 🙂

What would you pack if you were traveling for three months to national parks and summer festivals whilst camping. I know…it’s tough after being a clothes junky for years. But it’s a good feeling leaving all the glam behind and keeping it simple.

Going casual,
Eric and Lori