Leaving the East

Day 5
The day started in Delaware with a little time with my kite on the beach. This kite travels everywhere I go, but seldom get a chance to take flight. Today it took flight in the sun filled skies with a 15 mph wind. Seeing the kite above my head gave me a sense of childhood wonderment and freedom….I love this feeling.

Today we leave Fenwick Island and head west to West Virginia to prepare for the next phase of our trip to the west. We never take the likely or shortest route, but instead we take the relaxing and scenic road less traveled. Yes, it takes longer but it is worth every mile and memory.

We will be heading west in a few days. First stop, Boulder Colorado to see our son, Nixon. We can’t wait! Nixon moved to Colorado a few weeks ago and already has a job at a place called The Growing Kitchen, near Lafayette, CO. He is so excited about his new life in the west and his accomplishments thus far, therefore, we are excited too!

Until tomorrow.