Day 3 – Fenwick Island, DE

Day 3
Ahhh, it’s Wednesday, unlike other hump days, it’s another glorious day in a wonderful life. We started with a stroll on the beach and then found a semi- secluded spot to do a little stretching / exercise ocean front. Once we took a moment to relax we openend our eyes to an arrow shaped kite flying overhead as if signifying our next direction, west.

A late Lunch took us to über bagels in N Ocean City, just a half hour before they closed for the day. We had a delightful lunch sandwich on our favorite bagel that we enjoyed under the shade of a tree overlooking the bay. We intended on photographing our beautiful sandwiches before we devoured them, but we couldn’t stop our selves once we got started. Fresh ingredients, fresh bagels, and fresh attitude on food. This was our second trip to über bagel, another successful and satisfying meal.

Next, we decided to “walk off lunch” with a trip to the north end of the boardwalk where hotel branding soar above the horizon. We overestimated the length of the Ocean City boardwalk by about 5 streets. With a healthy hike through the sand path fronting the Hilton and other ocean front establishments, we made our way to 27th street where the boardwalk ends, in our case, thankfully began. We seated ourselves at the closest bench to empty our sandals filled with sand. With a lighter load, we headed south on the boardwalk. Noticing many changes since our last visit to OC, the shoreline looks renewed and full of new development. Good for the local area. With the intense heat, it was time to pull over for a beer and tall glass of water. We stopped at the Pepper Tavern along the boardwalk. With a tall glass of water, we enjoyed a refreshing Natty Boh (National Bohemian) on the ocean side deck with the glorious shade of an umbrella. Jen our server was understanding and accommodating to a couple of “hotties” who needed libations and shade.
Our trek back to beyond the boardwalk was refreshing as we hiked back the shoreline dodging the occasional swimmer and floating shoe. I (Lori )was disturbed by the amount of “ribbon” from falling balloons littering the beach. The ocean breeze was spectacular and and sporadically refreshing.

We worked up an appetite for something decadent and sweet. The Fractured Prune, the local donut shop certainly fit the bill, but was not open after 1:00 pm…so much for our evening munchies, but wait, Duncan Donuts to the rescue. We found our trusted old donut friend along coastal hwy in OC. Our Half dozen eclectic selections included glazed with coconut, Boston cream, a mangers special, apple filled, and vanilla cream. This should satisfy out sweet tooth for a few days.
After our indulgence of sweetness, we decided to walk it off with a stroll along our favorite street, we call the Atlantic Ocean. A much cleaner stretch than we saw early today in northern OC. The beach was alive at dusk with circle of (I assume) family and friends gathered around a beach bonfire enjoying the warm summer evening. Yes a bonfire, a perk of the Delaware beach scene. We embraced the clear evening with a meditative moment to take in the smells and sounds of the Atlantic.
Until tomorrow