Day 2 Fenwick Island, DE

Day 2
We started the day with breakfast at Jimmy’s Kitchen on Fenwick Island. A good breakfast but service was a bit on the ” it’s not my fault” mentality, after our server forgot my toast to complete the order.
After our hearty breakfast we took a bike ride around Fenwick Island. Found a great back street along the beach front block. Beautiful weather makes for a great day at the beach. We loaded up with our towels and boogie boards and headed to the beach for the afternoon. As we peaked the dune to our decent to the beach, the smell of Coppertone and coconut overpowered the natural smell of salt and sea. While at the beach there are more sounds than that of the ocean; there’s the bitching moms, the whining kids, and the snoring dads. People watching at the beach can be quite entertaining.
We got our vitamin D fix for the day then decided to head north to Rehobeth Beach, DE. As we entered the beach town, parking was abundant but used parking meters that required quarters only, and your 1st hour required 6 quarters. As we scavenged for quarters we fell short a few quarters. Interesting enough, the meters also offered a phone app to pay for parking. Now I’m standing in the mid-day sun, with the dilemma do I download the app, set it up to pay $3.00 for parking. What happened to using a credit card; now they’ve added a middle man, no doubt to capture personal info about those visiting Rehobeth. Needless to say, we didn’t pay to park. We drove back a few streets to a residential area and parked for free, yay…$3.00 saved. If you are on a budget, choose wisely where you eat, it can be pricey. But I have to say, the atmosphere at Rehobeth is both classy and charming. The shops and restaurants are quaint and inviting. We bought a book at the BrowseAbout book store by a local author, Fay Jacobs called Fried & True, tales of Rehobeth Beach.
We headed south back to Ocean City, MD to the Abby Bistro, a gourmet burger joint. Wow, they did not disappoint! Eric had an Elk burger ( meat of the month) and I had a Hawaiian chicken burger. Both were delicious and worth recommending.
With our bellies filled, sunset was upon us with another glorious, colorful sunset over the Assawomen Bay. Our intension was to go to the beach front movie, (just a few streets down on Bayard , shout out to CJC)., “cloudy with a chance of meatballs” but we both collapsed into sleep within minutes of returning from dinner.