The Colorado Shopping Experience

Below are stores not available in Swanton MD that we had the opportunity to visit.
1. The Apple Store – Boulder, CO

A crowded Geek utopia. Our first visit to everything Apple. I wanted to touch everything and I was allowed to.

2. REI Outdoor Stores – Boulder, CO

I met the shoe nazi today. Yes, she exists. I found a pair of leather Keen hiking shoes in my size (6.5) with a perfect fit (yes a bit loose for enlarging feet during a hike) and she wouldn’t sell them to me, seriously! She said I should go a full size larger. Urgh, which she didn’t have and wouldn’t give me the pair that fit, because my Keens should fit loose…and she couldn’t sell me a shoe that would hurt me….what? I know, whatever. Found the same shoe elsewhere and purchased and they fit wonderfully.

3. North Face Store, Boulder CO

I was so excited about this store until we walked in. The employees were as cold as the north face of any ski slope…not a word was spoken. We felt unwelcome and isolated in a store that usually represents quality at every level. We were uninspired to make a purchase.

4. Trader Joes – Boulder CO

A delightful shopping experience. Many years ago a friend, Jenny MCNally, suggested I go to a Trader Joes for a shopping experience like no other. We were finally able to give it a try. They are a socially aware grocer that offers fresh alternatives. We ‘re hooked.

5. JAX Outdoor Store in Lafayette CO.
Finally, an outdoor store that offered everything we needed. Our sales associate (from Hershey, PA) was consumer driven and did not have a ‘box store’ mentality. We loved this store.

6. Lafayette CO Super Walmart

Like any other Walmart super center they offer everything under the sun. But what made this one stand out was rustic exterior architecture with the Rocky Mountains as the back drop. It was jaw dropping gorgeous for a Walmart store. Heck, I’d go there just for the view!

7. Specialty Stores.- Kush of every kind-uh, I mean…there are a series of organic stores that offer medicinal herbs for every ailment. They have something for everyone., including brownies!

Shopping in Colorado is an adventure of its own.

Until next time

Eric and Lori

The Humbleweeds